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What is BlazeFit?

BlazeFit is a series of unique themed fitness workouts designed by fitness professional and former TV presenter Kirit Thakore and his team.

BlazeFit workouts are designed after many years of research into not only what works but also what people will enjoy. By combining traditional fitness routines with exciting and fun themes members will not only come for a workout but a whole BlazeFit Experience. It will have members coming back for more and more.

BlazeFit fitness workouts are designed to be done at all levels, so a beginner can be in the same class as a hardened fitness fanatic and both can workout at their level.

BlazeFit workouts include

ENERGISER 45ER - A 45 minute non-stop workout like no other which will add a new dimension to your classes. This incredible class uses cardio - dumbells - resistance bands to blaze away those calories. The music beat just keeps you going. Non-stop for 45 minutes? No way, you might initially think. But after 45 minutes you will be saying “I did it”

AbsBlaze - a stomach toning abdominal workout comprising of Tabata abs, cardio abs and also a full on abs routines consisting of 40 abs exercises which will firm up all mid-section muscles one after another. Only when you finish the workout do you feel the fire in your belly.

BoxerBlaze - a knockout workout that takes basic boxing moves and gets members to blaze away the pounds without even thinking about it. A fabulous routine that focuses on toning arms and upper body. A workout that feel like you have worked out but do not feel like you are working out.

BhangraSanity - Mix one of the most successful workouts routines in the world (Insanity) with an Indian dance routine which gets every party rocking (Bhangra) and you get BhangraSanity. 6 workouts incorporating basic dance moves with HIIT moves gives your members the intensity and calorie burn of Insanity but with so much more fun.

MilitaryBlaze - Bring out the soldier in you. Imagine donning combat trousers and camouflaged gear and working out to drills designed by soldiers for soldiers. Just the clothing alone gets more out of everyone. Add to this the upbeat soldier music and you will soon be ready to go on to mission fat destruction.

TapBlaze - Tap away those calories to a routine that will get the Gene Kelly in you dancing n singing in the rain, well tapping away the dress sizes anuway.

300SpartanBlaze - ahoooooo, ahoooooooo, ahooooooooooo is the Spartan call. Motivated by the film, this workout will bring out your Spartan call loud and clear. 30 exercises, each done 10 times will get the blood flowing and make you gasp in your glory.

KungFuBlaze - after practicing martial arts for over 15 years, some of which with the world famous Shaolin monks who take the whole level of martial arts to another level, Kirit has put together an amazing kung fu kicking, shaolin stretching martial arts workout which also include internal and external exercises giving a holistic workout that you and your members will love.