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BlazeFit themed workouts are designed to engage your clients in areas that will transform their training and also give you, the instructor, a level of excitement not felt before.


As a fitness instructor for almost 30yrs, founder Kirit Thakore realises that to keep members and attract new ones then a variety of workouts are necessary. He changes his routines every 10 - 12 weeks which keeps members coming back to try what’s new. Members will look forward to the return of their particular favourites.

The problem is to get that choice we often have to pay licence fees to a number of companies which can easily add up. BlazeFit offers many varying workouts such as firm favourites AbsBlaze and BoxerBlaze, to innovative routines like MilitaryBlaze and ENERGISER 45ER as well as specialised fitness routines like TapBlaze, KungFuBlaze, BhangraBlaze etc. All of these and many more for an incredible low monthly licence fee of £10 per month.

We can offer this low fee as much of the work and costs have been absorbed by sister company BhangraBlaze which has been running successfully for a number of years. We keep our costs down by having one centralised training venue in Leicester as well as being able to offer some courses on line.

For this you will also get your very own unique website which will be optimised so attracting more new members. Another unique feature is that you can list all your other ‘non BlazeFit’ classes on this site, so therefore saving you money on building or servicing your own site. You have already worked hard at building your other classes and we are more than happy for you to continue doing so.


All our courses will be £49 plus expenses such as equipment if required, although most of our courses require no equipment.

We will teach you how to become Sergeant Slaughter and lead your team of military privates into “mission fat destruction”. Quote famous martial arts lines like “you know kung fu” from the Matrix. When asking your Spartan members what their profession is, hear the reply “ahoooo ahoooo ahooo” Train your members techniques like Rocky Balboa and run through the streets of Philadelphia like him too.

BlazeFit classes are in demand all over the country from people who want to be pushed and people who want something different. We have put together a BlazeFit instructor program with a proven turnkey support system to help make it very successful.

  As a BlazeFit instructor you will get
tick Support and help to make your BlazeFit journey happy and successful
tick Unique easy to teach routines that your members will love and tell everyone about
tick Advice on how to encourage members to totally engage with wearing appropriate clothing and having specific equipment
tick Downloadable music content specific to BlazeFit with amazing beats and motivational lyrics to really get your classes buzzing
tick Advice on how to grow and build your classes from other successful instructors
tick Your very own editable website promoting your classes as well as other classes you may hold
tick Your unique class links and information on the BlazeFit directory
tick A tested turnkey system to help develop and build your own fitness business
tick BlazeFit video tutorials helping you improve your skills from the comfort of your home
tick BlazeFit T-shirt as well as your very own BlazeFit shop where you can buy BlazeFit branded logo as discounted prices
tick BlazeFit official instructor certificate. All certificates will be stored on line and easily accessible
tick Free return to any course that you have completed as a refresher

Become a BlazeFit Instructor

Come join our team, a group of dedicated instructors who share a passion for fitness and wellbeing!

We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals who can command a room full of people with their positive energy. Teaching experience and group fitness certification is not a necessity but recommended. We strive to maintain the quality and integrity of our program through our BlazeFit instructors; therefore, BlazeFit trainees should expect the days training to not only be intense and challenging but also extremely gratifying and fulfilling!

Please read the terms & conditions below and make payment. You will then be asked to complete a short registration form.


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We are running the following instructor training courses

Energiser 45er - Energiser 45er is a non stop 45 minute workout using weights, resistance bands and unique cardio.... a definite crowd winner...
Saturday 12 October 2019 2:30pm to 5:30pm Gateway College Gym, 17 Colin Grundy Drive, Hamilton, Leicester, LE5 1GA
Terms and conditions
  • All Instructors will be required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) on the training day. You can view the form here
  • Once you have completed your module training to a satisfactory standard you will be able to take the BlazeFit name and routine to market. If for any reason you are not totally ready then we will continue to help and support you get to the standard required.
  • BlazeFit will endeavour to help you build your business through various means of marketing and training but ultimately the more that you practice and dedicate to it the greater the rewards.
  • The monthly license fee will mean that your details as a qualified BlazeFit instructor will remain on the BlazeFit website. This is where the majority of people will look for classes. You will also get your personal website to actively market yourself.
  • BlazeFit will deliver training to all instructors at the highest level and make instructors fully aware of the safety aspects of movement within the routines. It will be solely the responsibility of the instructor to adhere to this and teach accordingly being aware of various abilities of clients.
  • All BlazeFit merchandise to be purchased through the BlazeFit shop
  • BlazeFit reserve the right to refuse start up of new venue if they feel it may impact the nature of another BlazeFit instructor venue.