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Name : Kirit Thakore

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Phone : 07727687773


Kirit has been an instructor for over 20 years and trained in martial arts for over 15 years. His concept, Shaolin Stretch and Stamina, where he took specific martial arts exercises and turned them into calorie blazing workouts proved very popular with classes full to capacity in many venues. He slowly looked at other regimes and turned them into fun fat busting workouts, routines such as AbsBlaze, BoxerBlaze, KungfuBlaze, MilitaryBlaze and many more.

Having founded the incredibly successful workout BhangraBlaze (a workout based on Indian folk dance)in 2015, Kirit introduced some of his non Bhangra workouts to compliment the BhangraBlaze workouts. The workouts are very popular but could only be offered to instructors who were qualified in the BhangraBlaze workouts. Kirit decided to launch a partner company BlazeFit where the routines could be offered without the BhangraBlaze.

BlazeFit has partnered with some of the most successful people in the industry. People who have over the years regularly had massive numbers attend their classes. People who have had members stay with them for many years. These partners know what the public enjoy, know what keeps the public motivated, know what keeps the public coming back and know what is effective in the field of fat burn.

Kirit personally teaches classes in Leicester and Birmingham as well as holding Masterclasses around the UK.

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