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KungFuBlaze - the ultimate martial arts workout

The term Kung Fu refers to the martial arts of China. Kung Fu originated in a place called the Shaolin Temple, where Shaolin monks practised Kung Fu for health and self-defence during their quest for enlightenment.

Kirit Thakore has excelled in the martial art of Kung Fu and practiced it for many years. With KungFuBlaze he has taken many Shaolin stretch and stamina moves to create an incredible workout that will kick and chop those calories to oblivion. We will be using techniques that even the most traditional long-term practitioner of martial arts would be happy to include in their routines but techniques that even a total novice can accomplish.

KungFuBlaze in action

These techniques, taught by the Shaolin monks, that are designed to develop high levels of cardio fitness so that they can fight for longer periods. Routines that will help your flexibility and develop your breathing capacity. All this will be capped with a wonderful practice routine that will improve your coordination and balance.

Basics of external Kung Fu will develop strength and flexibility. Basics of internal Kung Fu (similar to Tai Chi) will develop more focus and inner strength.

NOTE - KungFuBlaze is not a martial arts class. There will be no physical contact. KungFuBlaze is a series of martial arts Kung Fu exercises but put together to gain high calorie burn and increase fat burn.

Martial arts is a massive fitness industry and so many people want to “try” it. KungFuBlaze will give you the opportunity to try something truly traditional

General Kung Fu mix

“I know Kung Fu”