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MEGATRIM - the ultimate holistic workout

MEGATRIM is a unique workout that‘s covers all the bases. It is broken down into 3 sections with workouts based around resistance and cardio, a section dedicated to strengthening the core and advice on nutrition. Working on the body internally as well as externally.

Full compound exercises

By using a structured series of full compound exercises (compound meaning that we use multiple muscle groups with one exercise) we can target resistance and cardio at the same time, resulting in a more toned lean look. The benefit of compound is that we can burn way more calories in a shorter time as we are targeting a number of muscle groups at one time, especially the big muscle groups like chest, back and legs.

Abs workout

We will take specific exercises from the incredibly successful AbsBlaze - the ultimate abs workout, for an intense 20 minutes around the abs world routine where we will focus on specific abdominal muscles in short bursts. We will work hard at upper and lower stomach with a variety of exercises that will have you feeling that nice ache afterwards.

Eating habits

We will advise you on basic eating habits and we don‘t mean extreme diets or cutting out all your favourite foods but more making you understand about windows of opportunity, which will increase the speed at which you can change the shape of your body.

MEGATRIM in action