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Wellness, fitness and fun is at the heart of all our classes


We have always believed the old adage ’strength in numbers’ when we describe the health benefits of dance or working out. Quite simply, we can all motivate each other to ultimately motivate ourselves.

Until recently our BlazeFit classes were run in local venues around the country, giving communities the opportunity to enjoy improved fitness together. With global issues affecting everyone’s lives we have re-imagined our fitness classes as live-streamed dance and workout sessions. We’re now introducing inspiring and energetic BlazeFit classes to the living rooms of anyone looking to improve themselves and enjoy sessions with a growing community of like-minded people and with experienced instructors.

Each of our unique BlazeFit live-streamed fitness and workout sessions are individually designed to promote wellness, fitness and fun. By incorporating music, movement and rhythm with choreographed routines which are easy to learn and follow, you’ll realise the benefits of our classes without even leaving your home.

Come and join 1000s of other people having great fun learning new moves in our classes. From Bolly, Bhangra and Garb dances to Insanity, Energiser and Combat workout sessions, we’re sure you’ll be inspired to improve your wellness and fitness and have a whole-lotta-fun in the process. Lets’ dance.

We have live-streamed classes for everyone; come and join in the fun.

Where it all began

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