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Weights Resistance

Weight Resistance Training Online

Let me be your workout partner

What kind of workouts do personal trainers do themselves? What do they do different? What are their secrets?

Normally a personal trainer will train you but what if you could join in with their own personal training. How exactly do they train? What do they focus on?  What do they eat? Do they use supplements? Join the online personal training sessions and pick up many tips along the way. As the class is live, you can even ask questions.

The sessions will focus on fully body toning which means big compound exercises. These exercises will break you into a sweat very quickly as many of your muscles and all of your big muscle groups, chest, back, legs etc will be constantly working. Only a set of dumbells and resistance bands needed. You will be advised on how to perform all exercises safely and effectively.

If you don't have dumbells then you can always use water bottles or cans, but we are certain that after a few sessions you will want to invest in some because you see the benefit of having them. Your personal trainer will advise you what weights you will benefit form most.


Resistance bands are one of the best bit of exercise kit you can own and again you will want to buy some. They are expensive and perfecty adapt to your strength level.

Each workout starts with a gentle warm up and very effective cool down to maintain health within your body.

Come and join our qualified personal trainers during their own live streamed online workouts. Workouts that they know benefit them and will therefore beneficial to you too. Their years of experience means that, although the workout is only half hour, it is intense and very effective. No need to goto the gym for hours on end.

Let's do this together.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get into shape, join our live online classes for the ultimate fitness and wellbeing experience

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