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Kirit Thakore

Having had the most wonderful time being involved in the fitness world for over 30 years Kirit Thakore says that he has  now come to the most exciting time of it all.

Having the opportunity to deliver fitness and wellness classes to everyone is very exciting. People joining from all over the world, people who are unable to leave their homes, people who may not feel comfortable in groups, people of all ages and abilities all coming together to become better.

His vast knowledge base includes Martial arts, insanity, boxing, circuits, weights, and many variations of HIIT too. He has specialised in body transformation and also grown his BhangraBlaze Bhangra fitness company to the largest Bhangra fitness company in the UK.

His fun style of teaching and detailed attention to all members has had the effect of continuous growth in numbers over the years and also led to many members being with him for many years.

Join Kirit in many of his live on line stream sessions and you are sure to feel energised and uplifted.

Kirit Thakore
Preet Rehill

Preet is a working mum who understands the importance of ME time. She says "You want to get away from it all?  You want ME Time? No babysitting worries. Always cooking and no time to travel to a class? Look no further because our LIVE Online Fitness classes are the answer to your SMILE."

Preet has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and is a qualified BHANGRABLAZE Fitness Instructor and specializes in different forms of Dance and Fitness Training.

Her goal is to have the most positive impact that she can on the lives of the people that she works with, helping them become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. Helping women break the diet cycle and lose weight without it being miserable in the process.

Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, but often it is, so this is where it all changed for me when she started online classes. As they say variety is the spice of your life and this is exactly what we have in our online classes from children classes to elderly seated classes.

It’s guaranteed to make you feel alive at the end of session and leaving you wanting more and this is where it gets better, you can join in as many classes as you like and continue to party with us even with your children dancing around you, in the comfort of your own HOME.

And you know what, it’s not all about just training, as a group we always have a giggle throughout working out plus when you see others training you will, for sure, motivate and inspire each other.  Preet does not just train you but also help you with your Performance, Mindset, Motivation and your Lifestyle

She say that she has never been a very technical person, oh no, and never thought I would get the hang of this on line stuff, this she did, and you will too when you TRY and it’s so SIMPLE. Same goes with exercise if we don’t TRY, we will not see RESULTS.

In her classes Preets aim is to push you to another level and beyond your limits, for you to realize what your body is capable of.  She wll make training enjoyable rather than a chore, so you come out the kitchen and walk into a Party in your living room with PREET

Preet says  “it’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not”…So let Preet bring the excitement and motivate you in your fitness journey.

Preet Rehill
Uma Patel

Uma has always had a passion for fitness, Asian music and dance. As a child she used to perform her community functions such as Diwali shows. She fulfilled her dance passion through a variety of classes such as belly dancing, salsa sessions and of course dancing her heart out during parties and weddings.

She started  Bhangra Blaze classes and found them truly inspiring, energetic and addictive. Then months later came along Garbablaze and Bollyblaze, which she enjoyed even more as these workouts were done with music Uma was familiar with and more close to her heart.  Uma says "My fitness levels and stamina have improved and I have been able to stay trim despite being a foodie."

Uma believes that lockdown has opened up a whole new potential and scope for many individuals – it has given an opportunity for instructors to learn more technology skills and research further into how they can reach more people from more towns, cities, countries and continents of the world from the comforts of their homes.

In the past she has had many friends and relatives from different cities and countries say, they wish she was close to them so that they could take part in this exercise too – well now this is possible.  People from all over the world are able to join us with a simple click of the button.  Already she has had people from India and USA join her fitness sessions, it gives her a real buzz.

As a working mum Uma realises the struggles of having a busy working life or a home life with family but being able to schedule in a fitness session from the comfort of your home, in-between cooking, cleaning, working or looking after the children is a saviour.  Don't  worry about childcare as the children or other family members can now join you while you work out with Uma.

Uma Patel

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