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The best Wake Up Workout live-streamed

Wake Up Workout

Wake Up Workout

While the world sleeps, we become ALIVE!

Yes, getting up to exercise at 6am does not seem that exciting at 6am. It may sound wonderful thinking about it, but when the bed is nice and warm, and it's a dark, dreary day outside, your body and mind will object.

So this workout not only strengthens your body, IT WILL STRENGTHEN YOUR MIND. It will discipline you to do the things today that other's cannot do, so that you get the things others only dream of.

Listen to any successful person, whether it is in sports, movies, business etc and they all have similar habits. One of those being that they get up early and get a head start in the world. With our Wake Up Workout, you can also get a head start.

The routine is similar to our Half Hour Fat Blast, but included are mind developing tools that will help you get even more out of your day.

You can do the workout on any home cardio equipment you may have or just follow a set of exercises which will be given by the instructor.

Weight loss is a very simple process and it does not involve rigorous, intense training that lasts for hours. There are only 2 rules to follow and are easy to fit into your lifestyle, meaning that it can become part of a lifestyle.

1. Be consistent - workout for half an hour a day, Monday to Friday. If you enjoy exercise and have the time to do more, then that's fine, but it's definitely not necessary.

2. Take advantage of 'windows of opportunity'. These secrets are all about what to eat before and after, and when not to eat before and after. 

Following these 2 rules  will increase your levels levels of weight loss.

As we only have half an hour to burn the fat off, we have to use the best techniques, (which does not mean the hardest). We break the 30 minutes into 1 minute or less sections, meaning you will never have time to get bored as it is continually changing.



By using 2 of the best methods of calorie burning, it will help you lose weight efficiently. We all have busy lives, so why spend hours doing what you can do in 30 minutes? This amount of time is easy to fit into our daily lives, consistently.

The workout is low impact, which means you are less likely to cause short term or long term injury and also achievable by everyone, regardless of fitness level. In fact, your level of fitness will determine your level of intensity.

This routine started off as an "any equipment at home" workout, to help people start using the equipment at home, which for most, get's more used to hang clothes on. 4 simple exercises were also shown to people who had no equipment so that they could join in. It was designed to be just half an hour and had to be effective that people could see results. It had to be enjoyable, so that people would look forward to it, which also meant that they would be more consistent.

Eating plays a big part of weight loss but programs that are extreme and require a lot of monitoring work, but are difficult to maintain long term and often result in more fat loss. There has never been a more simple approach to what and when to eat than on this program, and it is one thats is also sustainable.

So, let's RISE and SHINE and get our day off to the best start.

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