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Absblaze......I did my first absblaze class on Friday. It is now Monday and I am still feeling it!! An easy to follow workout but one that works you hard. The workout is suitable for everyone regardless of age and ability. I suffer with a prolapsed disc in my lower back and although I struggled with some of the exercises I didn't feel under pressure to do everything perfectly and I am confident my ability will inprove over the coming weeks.
Yet another 'blaze' workout that is effective and still fun. thank you for bringing it to Brum!

Kelly from Bham

I was very sceptical of joining MilitaryBlaze as I knew it would be a difficult one but I wanted to test my strength and ability and having done other BlazeFit classes knew the class would not be a disappointment.

What an experience. Its a buzz and the class is run truly in the way I think a military class would be. Every week is varied and tough, sweat is pouring from all angles but the motivation to keep pushing yourself and building your strength is unreal.

It's an amazing class and for those who believe you can... you will.

Aman - Leicester

the 45ER has really helped me enjoy training again... I look forward to the classes and the sweat - I've lost weight, toned up and dress size come down. The amazing music just keeps me going and 45 minutes really do not feel like 45minutes. I love ENERGISER 45ER :)


I absolutely loved Shaolin (KungFuBlaze)... always wanted to do martial arts and although I was told that this was not a normal martial arts class but a fitness workout I found the knowledge amazing. I did not realise that my punching muscle is also the same area as my "former" bingo wings area lol.

I did not expect the workout to be so intense but still doable. The music in the class, which I don't think they have in martial arts classes, made the workout even more fun.


MilitaryBlaze makes me feel strong, determined and pushes my body every week! It's tough but in a way that that makes you want to accomplish each exercise. It makes you want to push through the pain to prove that your body can always do more! This class has allowed me to achieve things I've always wanted to achieve. Amazing class

Cass - Leics

BoxerBlaze is amazing. As a guy I'm not to keen on most classes but this one was perfect. My arms were aching the next day and the next, good ache though.

The best bit about the class was the interaction, it was not boring. Techniques were simple but as the instructor said, "it's better to do one technique really well rather than dozens not well". The music tempo kept the class moving and finishing to the Rocky soundtrack was awesome.

Derek - Birmingham

OMG is all I can say about InsaneBlaze. I've done the Insanity workout and this is on the same level. The only difference is you are in a group and with an instructor that does everything with you not just shout at you. This is such a motivation for me as I like to really train hard and to see somebody else lead from the front is fantastic.

The class flowed with everything timed to the second. If you were not ready then the class carried on with the instructor explaining the importance to keep heart rate up. Things like the explanation helped me a lot. I had worked hard to get my heart rate up so why waste that hard work by resting too long. The instructor encouraged us all (not trying to push us) although at times I could've sworn at the encouragement ;)

Amanda - Leicester

At the 1st session of MilitaryBlaze I thought I was really going to be inducted into the army or something. I had to have adopted soldier name ... my name was Private Silver Fox (my hair is silver or white depending on how you look at it)... n the instructor was Sergeant Slaughter.

Quite a few people thought this was a bit silly at first but as the classes progressed we soon enjoyed the terms ad started addressing everyone in class by their soldier names. Having everyone wear combat green made it even more real.

The workouts were incredibly tough but like the Sarg drilled into us that this was a war between our minds and our bodies. The music also kept us going. It was a very clever choice. Mission Fat Destruction was a success.

Private Silver Fox - Birmingham

BoxerBlaze - this set of workouts made me believe I could work harder on my power and strength along with good cardio! It was also fun and fast moving.

Cass - Leicester

Absblaze is far more than I expected it was gonna be, not repetitive endless crunches!! you're up on ya feet working your whole abs building stamina and sweating...before you know it you've had a complete abs workout like no other ..

Donna from Leic

The 300 spartan film has always been a firm favourite of mine and when a friend told me about this new spartan fitness class I just had to try it out. I didn't expect to be shouting ahoo ahoo ahoo like in the film but secretly I enjoyed it.

The routine was hard but I was soon conditioned that as a spartan I was harder.

So glad I did this and already looking forward to absblaze coming soon.

H from Leicester

MegaTrim for me was a really good way of trimming down, losing weight and toning up. I also got stronger in lifting weights. Initially starting with 2kgs dumbbells and over the 10 weeks went upto 17.5kgs. It was hard but rewarding. The instructors words are still in my head "nothing feels as good as being strong does".

It was hard but worth it.

Bal - Leicester

MegaTrim - this was an amazing cardio and strength routine, like an hour long HIIT!.. made my fitness skyrocket and pushed me week by week! I really enjoyed how I felt after this class, released a lot of endorphins and adrenaline!

Cass - Leicester

I started off with MegaTrim and this really helped me build up my stamina. The instructor is so motivating and pushes us beyond our maximum levels!! I am now on the 6th week of MilitaryBlaze and this has not only been challenging but I have done things that I never thought I could ever do. I'm feeling good and more healthy.

Bev - Leicester