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The best Combat Workout live-streamed

Combat Workout

Combat Workout

Punch and kick your way towards your fitness goals

Punching, kicking, boxing, kung fu, military drills and so much more in our combat workout.

Just watch Rocky and you feel motivated to work out. Or a good martial arts film and you want to start kicking and moving around in flowy movements. In fact any combat type sport or movie gets you going. We even use music that will motivate you to push through all barriers.

Our combat workout will teach you simple but effective movements. Our mission is simple. Through a series of tactical coordinated movements, we will annihilate the enemy of fat. Show no mercy to those calories that we intend to destroy.


The Combat Workout is one of the most popular fitness routines as it incorporates so many techniques from various combat practices, but techniques that are known for ultimate calorie burn as well as good muscle tone.

Join our live streamed Combat class and join the ultimate fat destruction mission. BOOM!!!

If you’re looking for a fun way to get into shape, join our live online classes for the ultimate fitness and wellbeing experience

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