At BlazeFit we are not just Bhangra. Yes, Bhangra is the focus of some of our workouts but our instructors are qualified and have years of experience in many other types of fitness training. We have dance based classes, weights classes, children’s classes, classes for the less mobile, slower classes, faster classes, 45 minute sessions as well as quick 20 minute blasts.

This gives you the advantage of having a variety of workouts for the same monthly subscription. In fact, it might even encourage you to try something different.

We are always adding different classes to our timetable and will even include classes from guest instructors.


We all want them. Apart from looking nice, a stronger stomach means an overall stronger core which in itself has so many benefits. With 30+  exercises we work many stomach muscles. We only do a few of each and you may not feel much while doing each exercise, but when you finish the full circuit you will realise exactly how intensely you have worked your core.

Bhangra Bambinos

"Kids feel part of a family", "it’s given the children so much more confidence", "they can’t wait for Bhangra days", "it doesn't feel like exercise", "their co-ordination and energy levels increased". These are just a few words expressed by our Bhangra Bambinos and their parents. Healthy active kids mean healthy happy kids.

Bhangra/Bolly ZOOMBA

Both Bhangra and ZOOMBA are interval workouts. The classes move between high and low intensity dance moves designed to get your heart rate up and boost cardio endurance. The powerful ballistic moves of Bhangra with the high tempo continuity of Zumba will give you a sweat fest on ZOOM. Bolly fits between the two to blend it all into another fabulous routine.


Bhangra has some amazing drumbeats going and the sound of the dhol kicking is the fuel to get the atmosphere pumping. Add a set of sticks (drumsticks, dandiya, even wooden spoons) and you get an intense workout that will get you drumming to the beat, improving rhythm, timing, coordination, speed, agility, and endurance.

BhangraBlaze Workout

BhangraBlaze has taken simple but powerful moves from Bhangra and created amazing, calorie blazing, fitness workouts. The simple movements mean no prior dance experience is needed. The music, varying from classic old school tunes to current chart toppers, will lift you to carry on and giving you a feel of total euphoria.


Take the fun of Bhangra and use the techniques of one of the world’s most famous workouts Insanity, and you get BhangraSanity. We have mixed simple bhangra moves with traditional workout exercises, all timed to create an amazing HIIT workout. Just watch your fitness levels rocket as you work through the routines.


A circuit class that will help build strength, tone and burn calories using a combination of exercises that require dumbbells and/or resistance bands.  The exercises change slightly each week so you get to experience the various exercises available to you with the equipment you have at home.

BollyBlaze workout

BollyBlaze is fun, it is calorie burning and uses Bollywood dance moves to give you a heart pumping workout to some of the most famous Bolly tracks that you will be singing along to. The routines have been put together to make it simple enough for the total “two left footed” beginner but inspiring enough for most dancers.

Cardio Circuits

45 second exercises to get the heart pumping, the sweat pouring and the calories burning. No need for any equipment but feel free to include if you want that little bit more! The exercises vary each week but will guarantee you a fun filled high-energy workout every time.

CCC Cardio Calorie Countdown

Get your heart pumping to the beat of great music. By using multi muscle exercises (also known as compound exercises) we get the calorie countdown clock ticking away fast. Jump, squat, run etc…. we keep going as we need to keep burning the calories blazing off you. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s effective.

Combat Workout

Punching, kicking, boxing, kung fu, military drills and so much more in our combat workout. Our combat workout will teach you simple movements. Our mission is simple. Through a series of tactical basic movements, we will annihilate the enemy of fat. Show no mercy to those calories that we intend to destroy.

Energiser 45er

Energiser 45er is a non-stop 45 minute workout using cardio, weights and resistance bands. The secret of this workout is the music. It will hypnotise and motivate you so much that you will not even want to stop for a break. One of the best total body toning and calorie burning workouts ever, according to many of our members

GarbaBlaze Workout

Garba dance is a fascinating mix movement and colour. GarbaBlaze is a joyful style of dance, based on a circular pattern and characterized by a sweeping action from side to side. Including constant ballistic flowing movements at a pace that will really blaze the calories away. The music will lift you to push further. Guaranteed to leave you feeling great.

Mindfulness Wellbeing

It's easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much. Paying more attention to the present moment, to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you, can improve your mental wellbeing. Just sitting still can be difficult but with the techniques that we will teach you, soon you will be able to focus more clearly. Still that noisy mind.


Move2musicals is a calorie burning workout to feel good music made famous by the West End and Broadway. Being able to dance is not a requirement, the programme is designed around every ability, from dad dancers to pro’s, everyone will get their hearts beating faster. Improve your fitness while immersing yourself in the feeling of being a stage star.

Personal Trainers Workout

Our qualified personal trainers invite you to join them during their own workouts. Workouts that they know benefit them and will therefore beneficial to you too. Their years of experience means that, although the workout is only half hour, it is intense and very effective. No need to goto the gym for hours on end. Only a set of dumbells and resistance bands needed.

Resistance Bands Workout

The resistance bands workouts is one of the most effective routines to help you grow and tone your muscles. It works all muscle groups in a safe and effective manner. They help to focus your control and recruit your stabilising muscles. It’s a convenient workout that you can take and do anywhere.

SAS – Stretch and Stamina Workout

Using a mixture of traditional yoga and martial arts stretching and breathing techniques we have an amazing sequence that will leave you feeling energised, more flexible and increased mobility. With the correct soothing  inspiring music, the mind can also work in harmony with the body gaining even better results.

Seated Dance and Yoga

Seated dance and yoga helps improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the frail and less mobile. Our workouts, have been adapted being done seated. Benefits include increased flexibility, strength and circulation, improved posture and balance, increased confidence and a feeling of happiness and joy.

Tik Tok Workout

A fun, easy to follow, calorie burning dance workout that is Tik Tok inspired with simple moves that you can make your own. Tik Tok has had millions of people, all over world follow, copy and adapt popular dance routines with popular music. This is the perfect recipe and we have used all the ingredients in our Tik Tok workout.

Wake Up Workout

Starting you day with a exercise really makes you feel great. The rush of a good workout will put a spring in your step. A short circuits class that combines simple but effective exercises to kick-start your morning! The exercises change each week and will keep you wanting more!

Yoga Workout

A physical yoga practice suitable for all levels, working into all the joints along with the four directions of movement of the spine to improve range of motion. The sequence will allow you to track your progress from week to week, while  strengthening all the major muscles and increasing flexibility and mobility.


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