The best BhangraBeats live-streamed

The best BhangraBeats live-streamed


Develop your body's natural rhythm

Bhangra has some amazing drumbeats going and the sound of the dhol kicking is the fuel to get the atmosphere pumping. Add a set of sticks (drumsticks, dandiya, even wooden spoons) and you get an intense workout that will get you drumming to the beat, improving rhythm, timing, coordination, speed, speed and agility.

Bhangra dancing encourages you to fully immerse yourself with the musical beats. From kicking your legs to the quick rhythms, to shrugging your shoulders in slow, rich movements, Bhangra will help you develop your body's natural rhythm. BhangraBeat takes it to a new level, strengthening your coordination skills and balance.

Give anyone a set of drumsticks and you will immediatly see them tapping away. Put any upbeat Bhangra tune on at any party and see the crowd erupt. Bring in a dhol (drum) player and the crowd picks up even more.



Now, imagine you have a set of drumsticks and the Bhangra beat kicks in, that's a recipe for an incredible workout.

You will be working your biggest muscles, your legs and buttocks as you squat to drum on the floor as well as tone up your arms as you constantly beat to the rhythms.

Join our live-streamed and incredibly animated BhangraBeats workout to give your body some great aerobic exercise.

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