The best  PT Bingo Wings Blaster live-streamed

The best PT Bingo Wings Blaster live-streamed

Bingo Wings Blaster

A workout to tone and shape your arms.

Effective arms focused, resistance based workout designed to eliminate those dreaded bingo wings. 30 minutes of exercises totally working your biceps and triceps.

We all hate that jiggly section around the upper arm. As you get older the skin gets saggier as the fat builds up. Often the issue is a lack of tone to the arm. The arm appears or feels soft to touch, due to both an excess of body fat and a lack of lean tissue.

The Bingo Wings Blaster will some muscle to your arms. Please don’t freak out, I know that a lot of people reading this will have had a huge intake of breath then.

“But I don’t want massive arms”.

If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard this I’d be sitting on a beach somewhere very tropical sipping on a Long Island Iced Tea or five.

Just as eating a couple of salads won’t turn you into a Victoria’s Secret model, neither will a few sets of triceps extensions give you arms to rival Arnie.

It’s important to understand that whilst we need to build muscle, the amount needed for you to be busting out of your t-shirt is unlikely to ever happen naturally. Most women lack the levels of testosterone needed to add lots of muscle.


Building muscle is important when it comes to dealing with bingo wings. If you have no muscle in your upper arm, it will appear shapeless and soft to touch, which is the main complaint we hear.

With our incredible Bingo Wings Blaster we focus totally on that upper arm area. The bicep muscle and the tricep muscle. These exercise will add shape and tone to your arms.

Every half hour session will totally focus on the biceps and triceps. We will be using small handweights (if you dont have any then a couple of water bottles or tin cans will do) to add the resistance which which develop the muscles in the area.

A good diet will speed up fat loss and added to the muscle tone that you will start to see with consistent exercise, your bingo wings will be blasted away so you can wear those short sleeved tops with confidence.

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