The best Insanity Workout live-streamed

The best Insanity Workout live-streamed

Insanity Workout

The total body workout that requires no gym or equipment

If you're starting a workout program that calls itself "Insanity," you know it's going to be over the top. This is one of the most challenging fitness programs on the market. But to be challenged is good. It makes you stronger.

Insanity is a total body workout that requires no gym or equipment. You exercise right at home, using your own body weight for resistance. The program is based on a fitness method called "max interval training." In traditional interval training, you exercise at a very intense pace for a short period of time, and then rest for longer periods in between. The idea is to increase your aerobic fitness level while burning fat.

Max interval training has you work as hard as you can for upto 3 minutes, with 30-second periods of rest in between. According to the Insanity web site,  exercising at this extreme intensity level will help you burn up to 1,000 calories an hour.

This is an extreme fitness program that requires you to work out at a very high intensity level with little rest in between. Even if you're already in good shape, it might be hard for you to keep up when you first get started. But as the saying goes, "You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to started to become great'

Areas It Targets

Core: Yes. The program's Cardio Abs workout focuses on your middle section.

Arms: Yes. You'll use your own body weight to sculpt your arms, chest, and shoulders.

Legs: Yes. Insanity uses a technique called plyometrics, which features hopping and jumping exercises borrowed from sports like basketball, skiing, and boxing to tone your legs.

Glutes: Yes. Plyometrics also strengthens the muscles of your back end.

Back: Yes. The Insanity program is a total-body workout, so it does work the back, but it's more targeted to lower-body muscle groups.

Flexibility: No. There isn't much stretching but the movements will improve flexibility.


Aerobic: Yes. Insanity is all about aerobics. It will help you increase your cardiovascular fitness and lose weight/body fat.

Strength: Yes. The max interval program will build strength and really challenge your muscles.

Sport: No. Insanity isn't a sport, although it does borrow techniques from sports training programs.

Low-Impact: No. What makes Insanity such an effective cardio workout are the high-impact exercises, which include jumping jacks, jumps, and sprints.

Good for beginners? The beginner will find this program hard but then so will the experienced. This is because the program is as difficult as you make it. Go flat out and you will feel it. For the beginner we suggest you do what you can, take longer breaks if needed but then jump straight back in. With time and consistency you will improve. 

Outdoors. No. You'll need to be in front of a TV to follow along with the program.

At home. Yes. You do the workout right in your own home, following our experienced BlazeFit instructors.

Equipment required? A good pair of athletic shoes, and a lot of endurance. You use your own body weight for resistance.

It is very intense, so be ready to give it your all when you are ready to take the plunge. Working out at that level means results in much less time. The rewards will be some serious cardio along with calorie burning and muscle sculpting.

If you have any medical problems or take any meds, talk to your doctor before starting this workout.

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