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Yoga Workout

Yoga, the mind and body practice with a 5,000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy.

The practice of yoga will benefit everyone, whether you're a seasoned athlete, novice, recovering from injury or just curious, the benefits are numerous, from becoming stronger, lighter, more mobile, less stressed, feeling calmer, to finding out you've been breathing incorrectly all this time. 

This practice will focus on increasing the strength and mobility of all the joints, increasing muscle strength from head to toe, and increasing your overall flexibility and mobility, these benefits alone will also reduce the risk of getting injured in other activities, along with the physical benefits there are also the physiological, emotional and mental benefits of having a regular yoga practice.  

We will use the postures to identify where our bodies imbalances, weaknesses and tightness's are, we will then progressively work to address those issues in a safe, controlled and structured practice.


You can only call it yoga when these three elements are present and working in harmony, mind - breath - body, when the mind is present on every inhale and every exhale, and when the breath is in harmony with the movements of the body, then we are practicing yoga, this is more challenging than it sounds and demands focus and concentration, our physical practice then becomes more than just a physical practice, it begins to transcend to a mindful pracrtice.

I must warn you though, practicing yoga may increase your health and happiness.

If you’re looking for a dynamic and fun way to get into shape, join our live streamed classes for the ultimate fitness and wellness experience.

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